3 Reasons to Use Flip-Top Caps on Your Sauce Bottles

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3 Reasons to Use Flip-Top Caps on Your Sauce Bottles

23 March 2021
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If you manufacture liquid food products like sauces, then you need to find an effective packaging solution. If you've already decided to use plastic bottles, then you have a few different types of lids to choose from.

Flip-top lids could be the best solution for this kind of product range. Why?

1. Keep Your Products Fresher

Regular bottle lids don't always create a good seal once they've been opened. If someone leaves a lid off for too long or doesn't put it fully back on, then air will get inside the bottle. Its contents might not stay fresh for as long as they should.

Flip-top caps keep your products fresher. The lid doesn't come off the bottle.

Once the consumer closes the bottle, the plug on the top part of the lid slots into a hole on the base with a snap. This seals the lid effectively without any real effort.

Even if someone were to leave the top part of the lid slightly open, the bottom part still covers the opening. Far less air can get inside.

2. Make Things Easy for Your Customers

Your customers will get a few benefits if your products have flip-top lids. They don't have to unscrew a lid and then screw it back on again every time they use the bottle. They simply flick the lid up and then push it down again.

Plus, the lid fixes to the bottle permanently. It won't get lost. This kind of lid is also often easier to use for people who find it hard to unscrew caps.

If you use a squeezable plastic bottle, then a flip-top lid also gives more control over where the sauce goes. People won't have to wait ages for sauce to drip out; they won't have to risk drenching their food in sauce if they shake the bottle to speed up flow.

3. Manage Separation Problems

If your products naturally separate in their bottles, then you will want to try to minimise this effect. People want sauce to come out of the bottle; they don't want to have to deal with any separated liquid that has settled at the top.

Some flip-top caps help you manage this liquid. The lid catches it when the bottle is tipped up and holds it back. So, your customers get the sauce they want with every serving.

To find out more about flip-top caps, contact a plastic packaging manufacturer.