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4 Reasons to Consider Using Laser Cutting Technology

28 July 2021
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Modern manufacturing has become very efficient. The tools and techniques used are a significant improvement on the traditional fabrication and etching methods. Laser cutting is one of the new inventions that have revolutionised manufacturing processes. Laser technology will be helpful if you need construction materials cut to precision or want to brand containers for your products. Here are the four main reasons you should consider laser cutting. 1. High Quality and Precise Cuts Read More …

3 Reasons to Use Flip-Top Caps on Your Sauce Bottles

23 March 2021
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If you manufacture liquid food products like sauces, then you need to find an effective packaging solution. If you've already decided to use plastic bottles, then you have a few different types of lids to choose from. Flip-top lids could be the best solution for this kind of product range. Why? 1. Keep Your Products Fresher Regular bottle lids don't always create a good seal once they've been opened. If someone leaves a lid off for too long or doesn't put it fully back on, then air will get inside the bottle. Read More …