Three Important Milestones for Rewarding Your Employees

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Three Important Milestones for Rewarding Your Employees

29 January 2016
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Providing your employees with awards and trophies is a great way to acknowledge their dedication, hard work, and loyalty to your company. It encourages continued efforts and shows them that as a supervisor, you care about your employees. Here are some different milestones to consider giving out such awards. 

Anniversary Milestones

The first type of milestone that provides a good opportunity for giving out an award is when the employee has been with your company for a certain period of time. You can choose different types of awards based on how long the employee has been with your company, such as a custom wood plaque for employees who work for you for 5 years, a crystal tabletop award for 15 years, and a more expensive glass trophy for being employed by your company for 20 years or longer. Simple trophies are good for shorter milestones, such as 1 or 2 years of service.

Achievement Milestones

There are also milestones that have to do with the work your employees do, such as an employee beating a big goal, having the most sales for the quarter, or having the most positive feedback from customers or clients. You can choose different goals in a quarter or year for employees to reach, giving out trophies for employees who reach or exceed the goals. Similar to the anniversary milestones, consider better awards for higher goals achieved. For example, give simple metal trophies for the employees that reached the goal you set out for the year, and a crystal or silver-plated award for the employee who earned the most sales in the year. The type of business you have will determine the types of goals and achievements.

Promotion Milestones

Also, consider giving out certain types of awards for employees who are moving up in the ranks at your company. If an employee started with your company as an office manager and is now an executive, that is an excellent reason to give them a trophy or award. However, the promotions don't have to be so extreme. You can give an award to employees who are gradually being promoted to other positions or going higher within the company, whether it is a salesperson becoming head salesperson or sales manager, or the human resources supervisor becoming a financial executive with your company. You can also give out trophies to employees who have successfully completed schooling that is related to their job, which will soon result in a promotion. Click here to learn more