5 ways you can earn from recycling bottles in your home

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5 ways you can earn from recycling bottles in your home

20 January 2017
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For years, bottles have stood high in our homes and markets for the job they do in keeping our medications sterile safe and preserving our drinks while in the refrigerator among many other purposes. Bottles are recyclable, but what's absurd is that as precious as these materials may be, many of them end up wasted buried in landfills making them dangerous to ecosystems. A big number of people throw bottles away out of ignorance about their recyclable purposes while others just don't have the time to recycle. If you would like to earn some side cash right from your home, read on to learn how these free materials can bring you an income.

Sell them to recycling companies

For no fee and for a payment to you, recycling companies can pick up all the available bottles in your home. Recycling companies can turn bottles into almost anything. Plastic bottles are more on the market. Water, soda or milk bottles can be reused. A kilogram of plastic can turn into a liter of oil. The oil generated is used to produce products like bags, wraps, cups, plates, lids, caps, containers and many other plastic products.

Plant vegetables in the bottles and save grocery money

You won't believe how lovely your porch will look if you plant flowers in bottles. All you do is make holes through the bottles, fill them with soil and plant in plants. Almost any plant can go in there. Vegetables or flowers. This won't earn you direct money but once your vegetables are ripe, it will save you vegetable bucks. Besides, the beauty of blossoming plants on your balcony is irresistible.

Use bottles to irrigate your plants

When you do home gardening, it is a must to water your plants. This is because usually, your plants are somewhere under a shade where there is no access to raindrops. Bottles can do a great job watering them. Cut small holes through the bottles and hang them above the plants. Fill the bottles with water and they will drip water onto the plants as its natural rain.

Create crafts from bottles

If you know how to make crafts, you will make some good money. Bottles can be crafted into piggy banks, pencil holders, bracelets, dog pots, flower pots, and several other decorative materials like butterflies, apples, and flowers. You can sell these to supermarkets, at trade fairs or to neighbors.

Contribute to a waste-free environment

Remember plastics are not decomposable, and that's why they are recycled. An environment with dumped plastics and landfills is awful and unhygienic. If everyone would recycle bottles in their homes, it will improve on waste management and there would be no illegally dumped, buried or openly burnt toxic materials.