Benefits of Protective Coatings

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Benefits of Protective Coatings

8 February 2017
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Most industrial equipment and tools are manufactured from different kinds of hardened materials, including metals and alloys. These are usually reinforced, depending on their application, in order to ensure they offer the needed reliability and long life. However, this alone does not mean that they are fully immune to the different hazards and wear associated with everyday use. They can still benefit greatly from professional protective coatings.

Thanks to modern coating technology, several surface coatings types depending on the kind of surface, whether wood, plastic or common metals and alloys are available today. Their method of application also varies from sprays, brush, dips and electrostatic techniques. Coating metal surfaces does bring with it several benefits; some of the benefits of modern protective coatings include:

Corrosion resistance

Anti-corrosion coatings refer to intelligently added protection that acts as a barrier between metal surfaces and corrosive chemical substances. These kinds of coatings are ideal for metal surfaces exposed to moisture, salts and a variety of industrial chemicals known to cause corrosion. The coating protects equipment and surfaces, especially in plants where such vices are an imminent threat to the life span of valuable equipment. One example of anti-corrosive coating is fluoropolymer, a coating that guarantees extreme protection of metals in plants with diverse chemical applications.

Abrasion and Wear Prevention

Abrasion of metal surfaces is a common threat, especially in plants where friction, rubbing and grinding of metal surfaces is inevitable.  Protective coatings that have abrasion resistance can offer the necessary abrasion protection by lowering friction, and improving durability of metal surfaces through minimizing physical damage.

Heat Resistance

Protective coatings can help increase heat resistance and prevent damage and degradation associated with high temperature applications. You can apply coatings that will make your metal surfaces withstand temperatures as high as 750°C dry heat. Such high temperature resistance does not only offer extended lifespan of equipment, but also lowers equipment maintenance costs significantly. They also help achieve improved performance in harsh conditions.

Improved Aesthetics

Coatings also serve as a way to improve the look of metals surfaces, thus uplifting the aesthetics of your equipment and surfaces. Rather than having to deal with plain surfaces, special protective coatings can help you enjoy added protection while helping you achieve the desired look.

You can determine the most suitable coating method to use based on the intended operating environment of the equipment. This involves taking into consideration the most prominent kind of threat likely to affect the equipment or surface.