Reasons Why DIY Plastic Enthusiasts Should Opt for Injection Molded Parts

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Reasons Why DIY Plastic Enthusiasts Should Opt for Injection Molded Parts

10 February 2017
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The use of plastics has increased over the years. For example, today it is used in place of other conventional material such as metal and timber. That being said, different processes are used to manufacture different types of plastic products. One of the techniques, referred to as injection molding, involves injection of molten plastic into a mold to produce the required shape or product. As a DIY enthusiast who uses plastic a lot, you should opt for parts made through injection molding because of its superiority over other molding processes. This article highlights some of the reasons.

Detailed Features -- Since DIY projects allow you to experiment with different plastic shapes and details, there are no better plastic parts other than those ones produced by injection molding. For instance, the process involves injection of plastic into molds under very high pressure. The extremely high pressure allows addition of a variety of details into the mold. Further, it is possible to make complex shapes that would have been difficult or expensive to make using other techniques. This way, you are able to produce intricate joints and connections for your DIY projects.

Strength -- Your DIY projects need plastic parts that are hard enough to sustain pressure subjected into the part when in use. During the process of injection molding, fillers can be added to reduce the density of the plastics thereby adding strength to the parts. The addition of fillers into the plastic is an advantage that other molding processes do not have. Therefore, your DIY finished projects will be durable.  

Price -- Most of your DIY projects will be hobbies; therefore, you do not need to inject a lot of money into them. As such, you need to use plastic parts that are cheap. The process of injection molding is automated, which reduces the resources spent on overheads. The overall cost of manufacturing is reduced, which is passed to the customer in terms of lower pricing. Since you will be buying plastic parts for almost every DIY project, you will need plastic parts that meet your needs, but which do not hurt your wallet as well.

Efficiency -- For most of your projects, the need to have parts at the exact moment you need to use them is critical since it saves time. Injection molding uses pre-programmed presses from customer specifications, which ensures that more parts are manufactured over a very short time. Therefore, you can place an order from your local molder and have them within a day.