Why Liners Are a Good Way to Fix Failing Pressure Pipes

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Why Liners Are a Good Way to Fix Failing Pressure Pipes

15 June 2017
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Pressure pipes, such as underground pipes carrying water to a manufacturing plant, can develop multiple leaks before the end of their service life. Such leaks may be due to unfavourable soil conditions around those pipes. Installing cured-in-place liners inside those pipes can extend their life at an affordable cost. This article discusses some of the benefits of using those pressure pipe liners:

Less Time Is Needed

It is very time-consuming to dig up buried pressure pipes in order to replace them with new ones. This is because trenches have to be dug along the entire length of those pipes in order to remove them. Pipe liners reduce the time that is needed to fix failing pressure pipes. This is because only a few access holes have to be dug along the pipe in order to install the lining inside the defective pressure pipes. Lengthy downtime can, therefore, be avoided by the use of these liners.

Reduced Ongoing Costs

It is usually very expensive to maintain pressure pipes once they start developing leaks due to environmental factors, such as corrosive soils around the buried pipes. This is because new leaks will keep developing at other sites once you fix those that you have identified. Customised pipe liners can reduce those maintenance costs because the liners prevent fluids from leaking out of the damaged pipes. The liners are usually made from materials that are resistant to the conditions that are causing the pipes to develop leaks. For instance, the liner may be made from fibre-reinforced plastic in order to resist damage by acids in the environment surrounding the buried pressure pipes. You will therefore hardly have to fix additional leaks that develop in those pipes.

Minimal Surface Disturbance

Imagine how inconvenient and costly it would be for you to dig up your parking lot in order to access the entire length of the pressure pipes that were buried on your industrial property. It would be very expensive to restore that pavement or landscaping after replacing the damaged pipes. Pipe liners help you to avoid such additional costs since only a small part of your landscape will be disturbed during the installation of the pipe liners.

Effective pressure pipe repair starts with selecting the best pipe repair products. Talk to a pressure pipe professional so that you can get an expert opinion about the best way to extend the service life of your pressure pipes in case they are failing prematurely.