Buy or hire a generator? Consider costs first

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Buy or hire a generator? Consider costs first

20 September 2017
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If you run a business where an uninterrupted power supply is mandatory for the continuation of vital operations, you most likely own a backup generator on site.  As such, you must acknowledge the large sum needed to purchase and maintain generator equipment. If you are considering upgrading you power generation capability, consider hiring rather than buying.

Cheaper Generators are among the most expensive pieces of utility equipment. Since they are used at homes and businesses mainly for backup and emergency purposes, they are utilised on a temporary basis and remain redundant for the greater duration of your ownership. It is therefore not prudent to invest a sizeable sum on a generator you won't be using regularly. Instead, hire a generator on a need-to-use basis. You will notice that the cost of generator hire is very much lower than that of purchasing one.

No maintenance Generators demand constant maintenance even when not actively used. The hiring company undertakes the replacement of expendable parts such as filters, spark plugs and oil changes. When you hire a generator, you get your power needs met without cost to your peace of mind. All issues touching on repairs and general upkeep are the concerns of the hiring company. Additionally, it is not uncommon to have an arrangement where the generator hiring company will conveniently relieve you of the fuelling chores, charging the fuel cost to the hire price.

Flexibility Your power needs will vary from time to time. For construction firms and agricultural outfits, the power requirements vary from stage to stage of the project at hand. Your own generator will prove to be of a too-low capacity to power concrete mixers at slab laying, but powerful enough to power water to upper floors. On the other hand, your own generator might be uneconomically too large for the low power task at hands. When you hire rather than purchase generators, you get the right generator with an output matching the power requirement of the task at hand. Even when you are unsure about the exact generator for your present work, the hiring company will willingly direct you with certainty.

Besides these benefits, the generator hire company will deliver and install the equipment on your premises. Likewise, if you are hiring a generator for outdoor activity such as open festivals, street events and outdoor weddings, the generator company will, on arrangement, provide long cables and transportation means to such locations.