Metal Fabrication: Selecting the Perfect Brass Alloy for Your Applications

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Metal Fabrication: Selecting the Perfect Brass Alloy for Your Applications

1 December 2017
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If you are interested in using a copper base alloy for your fabrication project, you should think about using brass. Brass has excellent inherent strength; it is not vulnerable to damage from high pressure and mechanical impact. Also, this material has exceptional corrosion resistance. So, it can be used in environments with adverse chemical properties. 

Additionally, the appearance of brass is typically quite beautiful due to the high copper content. However, it is essential to remember that the particular performance properties of your fabricated brass will depend on the specific alloys or grades of material used. Here are some of the beneficial brass alloys that you should consider choosing for your fabrication projects.

Red Brass

You should select red brass for your fabrication application if you are looking for a material with a high aesthetic appeal. As implied, this alloy, which is also known as gilding metal, has a vibrant bronze colour. Therefore, it is suited for making items which are intended to capture the eye. Also, this material has a high copper content. Thus, the alloy is highly malleable and can be hammered and formed into intricate shapes with ease.

Free Cutting Brass

If you are planning on manufacturing a custom metal item with high strength, you should consider using free cutting brass. Unlike a standard alloy, this material contains some lead in addition to the copper and zinc. This metal has excellent toughness; it is useful for relatively high-stress applications. It is also considerably resistant to corrosion, so it can be used in industrial and commercial equipment, plants and machine which are susceptible to this form of degradation.

High Tensile Brass

High tensile brass is a brass alloy with manganese in its structure, and it is ideal for your applications if you would like a metal with higher strength than free cutting brass. As implied, this material is designed for use in manufacturing products which will be exposed to high-stress situations. For example, this alloy is suitable for use in locomotive axles and hydraulic equipment. Also, the metal has high corrosion resistance, and it can be used in marine conditions.

Arsenical Brass

The arsenical brass alloy consists of brass with a small percentage of arsenic in its structure. This alloying element is added to help increase the corrosion resistance of the manufactured products in water. The material has a basic, bright yellow appearance and it is relatively easy to machine. The arsenical brass is ideal for diverse applications including plumbing, door hardware and electrical terminals.