Why Waste Oil Needs Should Be Collected by Professionals

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Why Waste Oil Needs Should Be Collected by Professionals

2 July 2020
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From manufacturing to cooking and hospitality, oil is used in a lot of different industries across Australia and there comes a point in time where it needs to be disposed of. Whether the oil becomes too contaminated or the additives have broken down, at some point your oil will need to be disposed of. For a long time, oil was simply poured down the drain, but modern restrictions have been put into place to stop this practice and for good reasons. Waste oil disposal is a growing business, and it is becoming more and more important as the effects of environmental damage become clearer. 

Why Do I Need to Use Disposal Professionals?

The main reason why your company needs to use a waste oil disposal service is that it is a legal requirement. If you get caught pouring your oil into the plumbing or even into something like a stormwater drain, then you can get heavily fined and even be shut down. Waste oil disposal experts take care of all your needs by taking your oil and oily products (such as rags) to their processing plant. There, many things can be done to the oil to refine it and store it so that it does not get back into the fragile ecosystem.

Waste Oil Recycling

Since technology has improved and refining has become far more efficient, now waste oil can be recycled in most cases. That means it can be turned into lubricating oil again, or it can be changed into hydraulic oil or as a burner oil for industrial purposes. If you have the ability to choose a waste oil recycling plant, then you should prioritise that over a normal waste oil disposal plant. Often the two are advertised under the same banner, so make sure to do a little bit of research before you contact your nearest practitioner.

What Next?

Once you have found a suitable vendor for your waste oil, you just need to organise collection dates and containers. Sometimes waste oil disposal companies will provide you with the containers to store your oil in, other times you will be expected to do that yourself. You should also clarify whether the exact type of oil you have to recycle is accepted by your contractor, as sometimes different waste oil disposal companies will specialise in only a few types of oil and not be able to take your variant. That is rare, however, but it is something to be mindful of. After that, you will be all set for your regular pickups.

To learn more about waste oil disposal, reach out to a professional near you.