The Top Advantages of Powder-Coating Treatments Over Wet Paint

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The Top Advantages of Powder-Coating Treatments Over Wet Paint

22 December 2020
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These days, more and more manufacturers are ditching wet paint in favour of powder coating treatments. The increased popularity of powder coating can be attributed to the many advantages it provides compared to wet paint.

Check out some of the top reasons powder coating is considered more advantageous than wet paint.

Powder coating performs better than wet paint.

When it comes to surface treatments, the most durable finish always carries the day. A durable finish maximizes the functionality and lifespan of a product. This provides maximum value for the end-user.

Powder coatings are generally more durable than wet paint coatings. They are more resistant to scratching, chipping, corrosion, high heat and chemicals than liquid coatings. This is due to the thermal bonding process that they undergo during curing. 

What's more, the colour of a powder-coated product tends to stay fresh and vibrant longer than when the product is wet-painted. Hence, the powder-coated product will retain its initial aesthetics longer than its wet-painted counterpart. 

Because they are applied as a dry powder, powder coatings also don't run like wet paints. This helps achieve a more uniform application of the coating than liquid paint. 

Powder coating is safer than wet paint.

The VOCs found in some wet paints can affect human health when inhaled and can also contribute to environmental pollution when released into the atmosphere. Powder coating systems do not contain these harmful chemicals. This makes them a safer choice for the people as well as the environment.

Unlike wet paint, powders are non-inflammable, which reduces the risk of a fire hazard. In the event of a fire accident, powder-coated surfaces won't contribute to the spread of the fire. 

Powder coating can be more cost-effective than wet paint.

The potential operational cost savings from using powder coatings instead of wet paints can be quite significant. Since powders do not drip like liquid paint, less material goes to waste during the finishing process — in other words, manufacturers can cover more area than most wet-painted finishes.

Moreover, powder coating does not require multiple applications to achieve high-quality, durable and attractive finishes. This can lower material costs even further.

As you can see, powder coatings offer some real advantages over wet paints, but they may not be suitable for all situations. There are certain situations when wet paints still work best. Talk to a powder coating specialist today to determine if powder coating can be beneficial to your manufacturing business.