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Some Questions You Might Have About Getting a Metal Fence Powder Coated

17 January 2017
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Powder coating is a very popular choice for metal fences; when your home's fence has become rusted or otherwise corroded and damaged, you might consider having it powder coated. Note a few commonly asked questions about the process and then you can note if this is the right choice for keeping your fence in good repair and looking its best. 1. Why powder coating versus spray painting? Spray painting is very messy and also releases many harmful toxins into the environment. Read More …

Water Jet Cutting vs. Abrasive Jet Cutting - Which is Best for You?

16 January 2017
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There are a vast number of manufacturing methods available to the modern manufacturer, regardless of which industry you're operating in — and water jet cutting is one of the most versatile methods.  In the past, water jet cutting was restricted to use in soft materials only, but there are also ways of making this method work for stronger materials such as titanium.  Either way, the materials are cut using an extremely high-pressure water jet, either with or without additional abrasive materials such as gravel. Read More …

Three Important Milestones for Rewarding Your Employees

29 January 2016
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Providing your employees with awards and trophies is a great way to acknowledge their dedication, hard work, and loyalty to your company. It encourages continued efforts and shows them that as a supervisor, you care about your employees. Here are some different milestones to consider giving out such awards.  Anniversary Milestones The first type of milestone that provides a good opportunity for giving out an award is when the employee has been with your company for a certain period of time. Read More …