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Should You Be Using Copper Base Alloys for Casting?

30 September 2020
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When you want to create some castings, you will need to carefully consider which metal would be the right choice. In many cases, aluminium castings will be a great fit for your needs but that is not the only possibility; there are often good reasons to consider copper base alloys in your castings as well. Understanding the mechanical properties of copper Copper is perhaps most widely used commercially in electrical wiring. Read More …

Why Waste Oil Needs Should Be Collected by Professionals

2 July 2020
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From manufacturing to cooking and hospitality, oil is used in a lot of different industries across Australia and there comes a point in time where it needs to be disposed of. Whether the oil becomes too contaminated or the additives have broken down, at some point your oil will need to be disposed of. For a long time, oil was simply poured down the drain, but modern restrictions have been put into place to stop this practice and for good reasons. Read More …