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Aluminium Fittings and the Environment: Everything You Need to Know About Corrosion

24 February 2017
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Corrosion is one of the most important aspects you must consider when buying metal fittings. Additionally, you must also think of the methods available to fabricators when it comes to preventing environmental corrosion. One of the top benefits of aluminium is that it allows fabricators to use several techniques to prevent corrosion. However, understanding how aluminium responds to various environments it is installed in will help you make the most of your fittings. Read More …

Reasons Why DIY Plastic Enthusiasts Should Opt for Injection Molded Parts

10 February 2017
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The use of plastics has increased over the years. For example, today it is used in place of other conventional material such as metal and timber. That being said, different processes are used to manufacture different types of plastic products. One of the techniques, referred to as injection molding, involves injection of molten plastic into a mold to produce the required shape or product. As a DIY enthusiast who uses plastic a lot, you should opt for parts made through injection molding because of its superiority over other molding processes. Read More …

Benefits of Protective Coatings

8 February 2017
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Most industrial equipment and tools are manufactured from different kinds of hardened materials, including metals and alloys. These are usually reinforced, depending on their application, in order to ensure they offer the needed reliability and long life. However, this alone does not mean that they are fully immune to the different hazards and wear associated with everyday use. They can still benefit greatly from professional protective coatings. Thanks to modern coating technology, several surface coatings types depending on the kind of surface, whether wood, plastic or common metals and alloys are available today. Read More …

5 ways you can earn from recycling bottles in your home

20 January 2017
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For years, bottles have stood high in our homes and markets for the job they do in keeping our medications sterile safe and preserving our drinks while in the refrigerator among many other purposes. Bottles are recyclable, but what's absurd is that as precious as these materials may be, many of them end up wasted buried in landfills making them dangerous to ecosystems. A big number of people throw bottles away out of ignorance about their recyclable purposes while others just don't have the time to recycle. Read More …

Top Safety Tips You Should Know About Sheet Metal Welding

17 January 2017
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Sheet metals are widely used in the modern industry sectors such as construction and manufacturing industries. It is used for several purposes including roofing and manufacturing of automobile external parts. Sheet metals are joined together through welding to construct and form the materials. During a welding process, you can fuse two pieces of sheet metal together using pressure and heat to form one piece of metal. After welding, the formed joints become stronger and versatile. Read More …